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Prague is a magical city with a fantastically rich history, culture, and architecture. Beautiful palaces from the Gothic era, Renaissance, Baroque and Art Noveau could be the ideal place for your destination wedding. Read more. On the one hand: a rich historical background, combined with the magnificent panoramas Prague has to offer and on the other hand: perfect services of a modern European metropolis; makes Prague a fantastic setting for your wedding. Prague has many hotels to offer, all at varying price points. Michelin starred restaurants are also present, where you can get yourself that fantastic gastronomic experience. You can’t miss the rich cultural life, many fantastic experiences are awaiting you! Ideally, your wedding would be 3 days long, that way you have enough time to enjoy everything this beautiful city has to offer. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The old, ancient historical center is a UNESCO heritage site. The Czech Republic is the perfect location for your destination wedding, all the while being in the heart of Europe.  

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Why Boutique weddings

Stylish and elegant wedding

Our weddings have a precisely defined style, which along with the location and atmosphere, reflect your style and taste. We’ll get inspired together by the newest trends and your favorite colors and even by you yourself. We pay a lot of attention to the wedding design and location; it must have a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. We pay special attention to all the details over the months with our clients and connect the work of many suppliers from many fields. Every detail is of utmost importance. Everything needs to click and make sense as a whole. We specialize in FINEART WEDDINGS. This is an elegant, bright, dreamy, and timeless wedding style. Read more about our style. 

Quality over quantity

We tend to each wedding with all we’ve got. That being said, the number of weddings we can organize is limited. We choose our suppliers based not on their price, but on the quality of their services and their style. We work with the best out there; their services are exclusive, and they provide our clients with the best they can offer. This is why we have such beautiful weddings. We’ve been organizing weddings for 12 years now and we’ve gained a lot of experience from organizing over 250 weddings – local and foreign ones. We are great organizers and our knowledge is extensive, spanning over many fields related to weddings. We speak English. We are the only ones in the Czech Republic that have an EPIC London Certificate, a highly valued international course for wedding professionals.

The care with a personal touch

There is a difference between an average, ordinary, run-of-the-mill wedding that you’ve seen many times and a wedding from us. We’ll design a wedding concept in such a way that your own personal style will shine through, especially through the atmosphere and the visuals. Our relationship is built on mutual trust with a personal touch. Quality, timeless beauty, elegance, precision and a personal approach. These are our leading qualities. We’ll meet often and talk about your priorities, visions, and inspirations. We have many years of honest work behind us; hundreds of happy clients. We are a fantastic team of enthusiasts, for which their work is their passion. It’s also important to mention that we have our own ‘center of operations’, where you can visit us at any time – always a place full of fun!

Planning the wedding

Leave it to the professionals

We are a coordinated team of professionals with years of experience. We know how to handle critical situations and we love a challenge. We have exceptional organizational skills. Planning your wedding is absolutely necessary to achieve a successful wedding. Without planning, we wouldn’t be able to fulfill all of your dreams and visions. We can organize weddings in their entirety, from start to finish. Trust the professionals.

Coordinating the day

Enjoy your day, stress-free

We take care of the whole production and logistics on your wedding day. We coordinate the suppliers, take care of the hosts and make sure everyone is having fun. We moderate the wedding and gradually let the guests know about upcoming activities and we never stop stirring up a good mood! This means you have only one job – to have fun, be with your guests and your beloved one. In short: enjoy your day as much as you can!

wedding design

We scream originality and creativity

Wedding design isn’t only about the flowers. We will design an original wedding concept that expresses your taste and also matches the wedding location. We connect the work of our florists, confectioners, graphic designers and stylists so that everything is in absolute harmony. Our weddings are beautiful, elegant and original. We aren’t copy cats.

What do our clients say?

In other words – our work speaks for itself.