What we offer


We work with only the top suppliers. Our portfolio includes offers from many wedding professionals, with various price tags. We organize weddings in excellent places. Our offers have many interesting locations in Prague or at the nearest. We have much experience with many locations, but we’re open to new and unique ideas.

If you would rather have your wedding elsewhere than in a banqueting hall, we would be happy to help you find something that works. We will happily visit each place with you, go through all of the details and help you choose the right place for you. There are many beautiful chateaus around Prague, perfect for a relaxed, stylish wedding.

Unique, elegant and timeless wedding reflecting your lifestyle, personality, and taste.

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Wedding planning

Wedding planning is absolutely necessary for a smooth and successful wedding. Planning ahead is a must when it comes to destination weddings. We need to think through all of the smallest details, expect the unexpected – basically have everything under control. On your special day, we will follow the plan we’ve agreed on and everything will run as smooth as butter. All communication is done via email, skype or, if possible, in person. This is what you can expect when planning with us. Together we will:

• Choose and reserve a venue and the suppliers
• Create a concept for the wedding and the timeline.
• Design the wedding itself, we’ll adorn the bride, groom and the bridesmaids
• Plan the meetings with the suppliers.
• Organize a tasting – you choose the right food and drinks for you.
• Create a personal wedding web page with information about the wedding
• Try out the bride’s hairstyle and make-up.
• Take care of all of the administrative and legal duties.
• Create a budget and payment schedule and optimize costs.

Design & Styling

A wedding should be original, personal, stylish and trendy. The elegant design is achieved by connecting the work of many suppliers, which isn’t always easy. But we have the know-how.
Based on our meetings and discussions we will create a design concept and then work on all of the details.

Creating the concept usually proceeds as follows:

  • Firstly we choose the style, colors, flowers, and decorations with the client and the florist. The florist will create a concept.
  • – then we´ll meet with the confectioner; he will complement the design with a cake, various sweet corners, and presents for the hosts. You will get to taste the cake.
  • – after that, we´ll work with the graphic designers, which will design not only the invitations but also other printed materials – the menu, name tags, welcoming board, seating tags, etc.…
  • – then we´ll work on styling the bride and groom, the bridesmaids and youth. This means choosing the right dresses, accessories, hairstyle and more.
  • – finally, we´ll fine-tune the details – presents for the hosts and various minutiae, which all support the originality of your wedding.

Coordinating the wedding day

Planning without coordination doesn’t make any sense at all. When we plan the wedding, we also take responsibility for everything we plan. Precise planning is absolutely necessary in order to successfully coordinating a wedding. It can vary from wedding to wedding, but typically when we’re coordinating the wedding we work in the following areas. You can find more about this on our blog.

logistics –  we coordinate the supplier and make payments
moderation – we moderate the wedding to ensure the hosts know what will be happening and to give the wedding that right feeling
ceremony –  we take care of the wedding ceremony, the papers, organize the cortege
catering – we communicate with the restaurants and  manage the seating
accommodation – we’ll take care of the accommodation and transfers during the wedding
assistance – we are fully available to the newlyweds and the guests