Why Prague?

17. 08. 2019|OUR TIPS, ALL ARTICLES|

Prague is a city with a rich history, culture and architecture. Beautiful palaces from the Gothic era, rennesaince, baroque and Art Noveau could be the ideal place for your destination wedding. On the one hand: the historical background, combined with the magnificent panoramas Prague has to offer and on the other: perfect services of the modern European metropolis; will both serve as a fantastic setting for your wedding. Prague has many hotels to offer, all at varying price points. Michelin starred restaurants are also present, where you can get yourself that fantastic gastronomic experience and you can’t miss the rich cultural life, which has many fantastic experiences to offer. Ideally, your wedding is 3 days long, so you can offer your guests the best this city has to offer.

Here are 5 reasons why you should have your wedding in Prague:
  1. THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CITY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD  No other European metropolises can match Prague’s beauty. It can, justifiably so, be considered one of the most beautiful cities on Earth. It’s a European metropolis with history thousands of years old and an overwhelmingly rich cultural and architectural background. You can find every possible architectonic style here. The city’s center has been pronounced a UNESCO heritage site. There are many castles and noble residences nearby. Beautiful Art Noveau palaces and romantic baroque gardens make this city an ideal place for your dream wedding.
 2. LOCATION – Prague has a very specific position in Europe – it’s the heart of it. It’s a couple of hours by car or train to other large European cities. There are many great flight connections to Prague, all of the main airlines have flights here. The Václav Havel airport is only half an hour from the city center.
  1. MODERN METROPOLIS – Prague is one of the richest cities in Europe and boasts a fully developed infrastructure. You can find fantastic, fully-functioning public transport system, accommodation in hotels with many different pricing, thousands of flats through Airbnb, countless brilliant restaurants that offer dishes from all over the world.
  1. A FUN AND CULTURED CITY – You will find many sites of historical and cultural importance on a global scale; museums, galleries, theatres, expositions and much more. There are also lots of great clubs where you can host a welcoming party for your guests. We would be more than happy to organize a tour of Prague for you, boat trips down the Vltava and trips to the surrounding cities.
  1. LOWER PRICES – Even though Prague’s prices are comparable, in some cases, with the western metropolises, wedding prices are considerably lower. Florists, photographers, confectioners, graphic artists – they all offer their services that uphold a standard, only they are cheaper.  This way your wedding will be cheaper than in Paris, London or New York.
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