Why plan a destination wedding?

17. August 2019|OUR TIPS, ALL ARTICLES|

Destination weddings are very popular nowadays and more and more couples travel abroad to create the wedding of their dreams. Planning over the internet can be easy, problem-free and entirely manageable; yet complications which could ruin your wedding plans may arise. Let’s have a look at the downsides of planning a wedding.

  1. Unknown place

Even though you can find everything on the internet and get your bearings easily in every respect, trust me when I say you can encounter the following problems:
Language barriers. Not everyone speaks perfect English in our country and it could be possible that you lose a great supplier that way. Our experience is that many suppliers, which we would consider below average, may seem actually good thanks to their English presentation. With us, you can rest assured that all the suppliers we recommend are serious and the best in their field. Next up, you could encounter cultural differences and a different way of organizing weddings. We have lots of experience with different nationalities. We have organized weddings for clients from all over the world and we understand your needs.

2. Planning a distance wedding isn’t easy

It’s quite necessary to start planning a destination wedding well in advance. Your guests need to know a lot of details early on. Hotels need to be booked, transport needs to be arranged, the place needs to be chosen, as do the suppliers – there’s a lot to do! Some stuff will need to be dealt with in person, or you must have someone you can rely on. We will create a to-do list for you and a list of things to prepare so that everything runs smoothly and you can minimize the costs of your visit to the Czech Republic. For each inspectional visit, we will prepare a detailed program for you, so that we manage to do as much as possible and be as time-effective as possible. Read more about our services.

3. Finances

A wedding is a financially strenuous matter. It’s in your best interest that your finances are invested in the best way possible and that the end result is perfect. The place and suppliers you choose will directly reflect your budget. If you haven’t got the local know-how, you could wind up paying more than necessary, unless you plan your wedding with us. We can recommend an ideal combination of suppliers so that you stick to your budget and get the best possible services for your money. We also know the prices around here and we’ll make sure the services provided match the prices on the market.

4. Design

Each and every bride wishes that her dream day be perfect. Wedding design is a somewhat difficult thing to master, you need to coordinate the work of many suppliers. Even just choosing the right suppliers is extremely hard, especially if you’re not a local because not many people understand and know how to create trendy designs. Having taken into account your budget, we will design a unique concept with the florists, graphic artists and confectioners. We follow the newest trends and focus on dreamy, elegant fine-art weddings.

5. Coordinating the wedding day

Your wedding day is the result of a long process of preparations. Everything needs to be perfectly prepared and planned, there isn’t any room for improvisation. You will be perfectly fine with us and you’ll absolutely love your wedding day. The wedding is usually coordinated by two or three coordinators, it depends on the number of guests. We all speak English. We’ll take care of the logistics, coordinate the suppliers and check that everything is going according to plan. Furthermore, we also take care of the guests and moderate the whole wedding. Last but not least we are here for you, to tend to your each and every desire. Read more.