Michael & Argimiro

Michaela & Argimiro

So we are starting recovering from everything and I think it will take us a while. It was such a wonderful wedding that we are so full of an impression! and so are the guests – they are overwhelmed. Thank you very much for your help and service. Without you, we couldn’t have such a wonderful day. I know there was a lot of work with us, so we are very grateful for all your care during the five months of preparation and being there for us during the wedding day.
In addition to the classic element of the wedding, we have greatly appreciated your ideas. Above all, the lanterns – it was an amazing experience for us – to see what beautiful wishes our family and friends are sending for us to heaven. I will never forget that feeling as we watched them disappearing, it was indeed an indescribably powerful experience.
So I would like to mention how important your help was to our family. As you know, my brother was getting married on Sunday before us and his wedding was much more demanding in terms of preparation for the family and especially my mother, and everyone was tired of it. Thanks to your help, they had the time to recover in peace and regain their strength for our wedding day. And they didn’t need to worry about anything, just to come and enjoy it together with us.
Svetlana, special thanks for the great solution with the postponing the ceremony at the last moment! Without you, I would have been pretty stressed out on my wedding day. Thanks to your care, I enjoyed the day so beautifully as a bride and was not worried about anything! It was amazing. I hadn’t even hoped that it was possible that the bride can be so calm and experience the stress-free experience. But I wanted it very much, it was very important to me, so I am very grateful and I will never forget it.
Lucie, Special thanks to you for a great job as MC! I admire how you managed our not easy group to listen to you, it was wonderful and everyone liked it very much. It is a talent to know how to manage such as intimate event as a wedding day is without people feeling any strange element. You fitted beautifully among us and everyone liked you very much. Thank you very much, you were wonderful!
Gabina, we are grateful for you and all your patience during the preparations. It was very demanding, but it was worth it! All the parts were perfectly organized in the end and everything ran like to the wire. You had a really big dose of patience with me, and I’m so grateful that you helped us create such a wonderful wedding day.
I could name more and more what I am grateful to you all, but we have to check out from the hotel and prepare for the honeymoon. :-) Thank you very much and we hope you will enjoy the little presents we left for you as an expression of our gratitude and in memory.
It was a wonderful wedding! We believe in the power of ritual, and we believe that our wedding will remain in our hearts as a reservoir of beautiful energy of our beginning, and the memory will strengthen our marriage in the future in more difficult times. We are grateful that you have helped us to start our life together with such a perfect wedding! :-)
misa + Miro Goicoechea

Photo: Štěpán Vrzal

Girls, all day and evening were - in a one-word - wonderful - just like your agency