Helena & Paul

Dear Girls,

thanks to you my mom slept calmly and knew that everything would go as it should be. Sounds funny, but it is. I have to say that working with you was the best decision I could make for my wedding. Thank you for perfect recommendations regarding florist, hairdresser, visage, photographers, cameraman and many others. I would like to thank everyone who participated in the wedding, because I felt that everything they do is done not only professionally, but also with heart. I was extremely satisfied with the work of everyone involved in the wedding. I also think it is important that the guests had fun and were surprised that the wedding ended so soon. It’s a good sign. It is also a good sign that I do not feel that I want to change or do something differently, which probably means that I had my perfect wedding. I think Paul enjoyed the wedding as well.

So, I can only recommend BW agency to all brides who don’t want to get lost in the whirlwind of preparation and want to have someone on their wedding day to make sure everything works out while wedding guests can enjoy their wedding celebrations.

Thank you very much again,

Helena and Paul


Photo: Kamil Saliba and Simona Smrčková

I had my perfect wedding