21. 01. 2020|OUR TIPS, ALL ARTICLES|

I would like to present to you my wedding concept of ours, inspired by the prestigious Engage summit – a meetup & workshop for wedding professionals from all over the world. I got to see things beyond the world of Instagram – the atmosphere and show put on at weddings organized to a global standard. The embodiment of world-class; I realized that in order to achieve absolute perfection and a great time more is necessary than just beautiful visual effects – many things go into putting together a fantastic wedding – the right mix of which will make your wedding unforgettable. Simply put, I design experiences that you will stay with you for a lifetime.

Why five senses weddings?

FIVE SENSES represent luxury, high quality, perfect services; the right mix of aspects which will make your wedding unforgettable. Each sense also represents one part of what makes weddings, in our opinion, brilliant & unforgettable.

Our concept connects the following five areas:

How would it work? I’ll mix all these aspects with perfect organization.

I. Location: wedding locations are typically underestimated, big mistake! The right wedding location can save you a lot of money, though there are some things to consider: choosing a location that isn’t pretty, thinking you’ll ‘do it up’, isn’t a good idea, as it can get quite costly! Another question you should be asking yourself is what amenities the location can provide you with – is there furniture? Do they provide catering services? Anything you end up transporting to the location will cost you. So, choosing the right location is quite high up on the priority list, everything else evolves from it. Some of the other aspects of the location you should consider are, but not limited to: the style, the atmosphere, beauty, and the potential it has to become your dream design; equally, so the quality of services offered is important! Generally speaking, I prefer to rent out empty spaces and use our own catering services, that way we have more control over what’s going on; this lets us provide you with better services for your dream wedding!

II.Catering: there must be, at all times, something to eat and drink – that much is obvious, though what about the presentation? I believe food and drinks should look great as well. I have a somewhat nontraditional way of achieving this – I like to use ‘food stations’ as a way of presenting the food & drinks and not only that: well-behaved, well-dressed, polite waiters are, naturally, a must for me. I’m experienced in the timing of services throughout the day, from when the guests arrive to when the wedding finishes, this results in a more natural flow of the day. Food & drinks are one of the main experiences I can offer, that’s why I focus on the selection, presentation & design in great detail. I can achieve this & more under the ideal condition that we are the providers for all wedding-related services.

III. Entertainment: A unique music playlist, musical performances, moderating the wedding & communicating with the guests – from when the guests arrive they’ll know where to be and what’s coming up – musical accompaniment for when the guests arrive, to pull them into the storytelling and to set the atmosphere right so that your special day can be best as can be! During the ceremony, I’ll have a special mix of classic and modern music, including high-quality sound-systems and for the evening party a fantastic band, with performances and a DJ. High-quality sound-systems and music choice are both really important, as they can make or break the atmosphere.
Included in my offer you’ll find many other fun activities that complement the wedding program and entice your guests into your story. I have the know-how to create a vibrant & fun atmosphere so that your guests have a great time & everything has a natural flow to it.

IV.  Design: the visuals of a wedding are absolutely fundamental. It’s all about beauty since beauty opens people up and pulls them into the story you want to tell. Each wedding is unique in its design, flowers, graphics, food, style, feel & atmosphere. Equally so, the sound-systems, visual effects, lighting & music – everything must be carefully considered and we have to make sure everything clicks, like a puzzle!
This will be a challenge, I’ll have many consultations together, there’s a lot of individual pieces of work to manage, but the end result is definitely worth it. I focus on creating and creativity, the smallest details, yet still don’t forget the bigger picture.

V. Organize: without precise organization and timing, it wouldn’t be possible to organize a perfect wedding. With great attention to detail, I put together the time schedule, think through and plan each wedding activity in such a way that there’s always something happening so that the guests have a great time. My experience plays a strong role in this, I know where the weak points are, I know what works and how to put piece activities together in such a way that they just work. I only work with companies we’ve tried & tested, the best of the best.
Equally important – planning the wedding. Taking notes, planning meetings, making reservations, I’ll talk about all of it. In order to pull this off, you need someone by your side with years of experience, good organizational skills & enthusiasm – this is what I do.

Photo: Dara Rakovčik, Matěj Třasák, Katka Končal, Petra Vosecká