Alenka & Marek

With these few sentences, we would like to thank the girls from the Boutique Weddings. Lucy, who was able to spend hours with us during the wedding preparations. Bar, which helped us with very important organizational things. Gabi, who had a great deal of communication with the registry and the authorities, we had a marriage certificate on the day of the wedding, which is amazing and the Swordsman who had it under control.

Preparations thanks to girls were really great. Thank you for the great tips for cookies. They were excellent, even now, guests about them poems, and the cake, he not only looked wonderful but also tasted. Thank you for the other ideas and tips that made our wedding amazing. During the whole wedding preparation, the feeling that we were relying on us was very important to us.

We would like to mention a very nice, pleasant and helpful approach, both during the whole preparations and especially in our big wedding day. Lucka, Bara, and Gabi did it all with great joy. Mára and I were available to us at any time, they managed the organization with an overview, and most importantly, my husband and I could enjoy our day to the fullest and not think of anything else, just the two of us.

Světlanko, Lucko, Báro and Gábi THANK YOU

Alice and Mara

Photo: Štěpán Vrzala

The feeling that we can rely on professionals was really important for us during whole wedding´s preparation