Mary and Hayo´s wedding


I met with Mary and Haya a couple of months before their wedding and I knew straight away that we will really enjoy the preparations together. They are the couple that when sitting together at a restaurant, you just can’t stop looking at them – they are positive energy, a synonym for love and it will still surely be so in 30 years as well. Perfection itself.

Mary loves candles, so we decided to use more than usual – they were everywhere. Another reason was that the bride wasn’t exactly the biggest lover of flowers, so all the other suggestions were not even discussed. The concept was designed for the historical venue of Lobkowitz Palace in the area of Prague Castle where the reception and party took a place.

The ceremony was in the stunning St.Vitus Cathedral – the jewelry of Czech history.

The Lobkowicz palace did the catering for us. The menu was truly exquisite and the guests enjoyed it very much. The food wasn’t only tasty but looked stunning as well. The wedding cake was served instead of dessert. The service was very professional.

The wedding bouquet was comprised of nine dark red roses, tied with a dark blue ribbon – the first bouquet she got from her husband-to-be. After the ceremony Mary handed out roses to her closest ones – to her mother, sister and threw one rose into a knot of bridesmaids; the rest she kept as a memory. 

There was a welcome board and the seating setup ready for the guests at the main entrance. Each guest found his/her place – they got some ‘boarding passes’ on their pre-wedding dinner the day before in the Richter Villa. Yes, the groom is a pilot, the bride a stewardess. It was super clear what the details should be – little airplanes, …

This wedding was all about the little details, which the couple really paid a lot of attention to. It doesn’t matter if it was a lyric from their favorite song sown into a dress, a little message on a name tag for each host, or original stamps from their passports in chocolate. Everything had special meaning!

I’ve already mentioned the lyric on the dress, but not the dress itself. If there is something that represents perfection then it is this dress. I talked about it with Mary many times. She had them sown by a Czech designer, she visited her as much as possible and had no clue what to do with her ideas until the last minute. In the end, she took the designers advice, trusted her and the result was absolutely stunning – everything that Mary dreamt about, was there. 

I’m always full of emotions when I think of this wedding, I would love to describe everything to you.  Each and every minute, how the guests from all over the world were swept off their feet by Prague and the St. Vitus Cathedral, where the ceremony took place, with a view on the metropolis from the Palace. But I’m afraid words simply won’t describe it. 

The fact that everyone was dancing till 6 in the morning proves everyone had a great time on the 28th of July. Nobody wanted that evening to end. That day and night belonged to Mary and Haya!
Each moment from that wedding is unforgettable. I wish the love these two to everyone. I’m thrilled that I could meet this couple and experience their big day with them and I thank them for their trust.