Marcela and Giulian’s wedding


Marcel approached me 5 months before the wedding. She had already chosen a place – Chateau St. Havel, where the wedding ceremony and banquet was to take place. Marcela works in beauty and has a refined taste. She wanted a simple, clean style for the décor. She wanted to include some Italian elements as well, as did Giulian. The basic colors I chose were green-white, complemented with flowers in pastel colors.
For the ceremony itself I suggested the wedding arch be in the shape of a circle, this was a very popular choice this season. A circle as a symbol of infinity – wedding rings represent this also.


We decorated the banqueting tables with a combination of high and low floral arrangements with finishing golden touches.

I like to use the charge plates – large plates which are placed on the table for the menu, napkins and then for more plates with food. The table then looks full and it has a luxurious feel to it.

We designed the wedding prints with a floral motif, a seal and a very modern tracing paper. The collection included the wedding announcement, name tags and menus. The florists then provided a mirror with a golden rim and wrote the seating and wedding program on it with a white marker.

The bride chose a simple hairstyle which accentuated the beautiful silk dress with an involved lace on her back. The bouquet with the wedding colors then added the finishing touch to her delicate and noble style. We then ordered more bouquets for the mothers, witnesses and a wreath for the bridesmaid.

We chose a semi-naked wedding cake and then added some final decoration – autumnal fruit and fresh flowers. Each layer had a different taste. Red velvet, nutty and chocolate flavor. It wasn’t easy decorating the cake, as the body of each layer had a different color – this is a problem when choosing semi-naked cakes, but the confectioner did a fantastic job with it. We chose a combination of Italian and Moravian specialties for the sweet bar. The guests loved it.

The biggest highlight of the wedding was definitely Prosecco van. Our fantastic new idea! Proseccovan is a small car, a Piaggio, from which the married couple Žáčkovi serve Sect. Not only does their Sect, from a small Italian winery, taste amazing, but they also have a great vibe about them. The car is brilliantly decorated, done so with an olive tree and stylish chairs.

The biggest surprise of the day was when the bride’s father presented some Slivovice which he buried when Marcela was born. He dug it up a few days before the wedding, so he could pour some for the guests. It was a very moving moment. After a few speeches, a fantastic banquet ensued.

Marcela and Giulian’s wedding was a great success. There was a happy and cheerful atmosphere, the guests had a great time. We prepared many interesting activities for the guests. Balloon wishes, Bubble show and a photo corner.
Marcelka and Giulian, thank you so much for the great collaboration!