Jitka and Jan´s wedding


Jitka and Jan contacted me a couple of months before the wedding saying they would like to have a cosy little wedding with their parents and children. They paid a lot of attention to the ceremony and really emphasized complete privacy. I suggested the preparations and banquet in the Goldenwell Hotel and that the wedding ceremony took a place at Palfy´s Garden in the complex of Palace Garden under the Prague Castle, it’s still cosy and has magical little places all over.

Jitka is a beautiful woman with a perfect silhouette. She chose some really minimal dress with a decorated low-cut and sleeves from the Pronovias collection.

The preparations weren’t as usual. The bride, groom and their three beautiful children. I have to say – their family enchanted us. They have three beautiful children and you can see it – how much they love each other. Their love was ever presented and I think that the photographer was able to capture this pretty well. Jitka and Jan are fantastic people and a certain calmness and understanding emanate from them, with which they are able to bring up their young children.

All of them went to the ceremony together. It was beautiful. We were all tearing up, it was so touching! Jitka was a little nervous, as to whether the children would manage, but everything turned out fantastically. The accompaniment was rather untraditional. We chose a duo, a singer with a guitarist. The officiant had a beautiful speech, it only deepened our sentiment.

We decorated it quite simply. We used a mighty big stone base, on which we placed some beautiful floral arrangements in cast-iron vases and we prepared a little table for the rings. We used wooden benches decorated with pillows and flowers. The bride wished to have a combination of fuchsia/magenta and purple colors – we included this into the décor.

Refreshments were served after the ceremony, the newly-weds went off to take some photos and to make time pass faster for the guests, we got a magician, his name was Martin.

Some extraordinary canapes were served, along with Champagne and lemonades for the children. After the cocktails, everyone moved to the restaurant Goldenwell where the celebratory banquet took place.

Even though it was a small wedding, we enjoyed it tremendously – the guests did too! Sometimes less is more – in this case, a more than fitting description of their wedding. We want to thank Jitka and Jan for our beautiful meeting & cooperation. We wish you the best!
What have Jitka and Jan got to say?
Svetlana and Klara, I would like to thank you for this heavenly experience. Our wedding was mainly about us and our three children, it was brilliant, calm, touching and fun, just as we had imagined it would be. We didn’t have to take care of anything, our hands were free to enjoy our special day together. You managed to create a fantastic atmosphere, that we love to spend time remembering. Our children are now trying to get married and have got plans to get married one day in the future. They enjoyed it and so did we!
Jitka and Jan