Adela and Colin´s wedding, Chateau Ratměřice


Adelka approached me roughly nine months before her wedding, and I knew from our first meeting that she was a self-confident and beautiful young lady that knows what she wants. She wanted to have her wedding in a classic, timeless style, at a château with a delicate floral decoration taken to absolute perfection.
Colin is from England, and he is an unbelievably funny and intelligent man with a specific manner about him, just put – a true British gentleman. He didn’t interfere into the preparations, but he had specific requirements regarding the standards of food, drinks, service and that the whole day the should be problem-free.

Adélka has a refined taste and knows exactly what suits her. She chose some designer dress and didn’t hesitate to go all the way to Barcelona for it. Well, she actually picked it in Rome and then had it sown in Barcelona in the Pronovias Atelier – the highest class of the same-named brand. The dress is called Rani, and they are from the 2018 collection.

When choosing the shoes, a wedding classic fell in place – Jimmy Choo, the Lang model. Even though they have a high heel, they are quite comfortable, and you can survive in them for a couple of hours. But definitely, do get yourself some more comfortable shoes for later, there is no sense in suffering in high-heels all day.

They got the rings in the Tiffany jewelry store. How classic!

The bride went for a mellow make-up with a distinguished raspberry lipstick, which matched perfectly with the bouquet. The preparations took place in the wedding apartment, refreshments were also there. The bridesmaids and mothers prepared along with the bride, the atmosphere was fantastic, and the ladies had a great time. Of course, they helped the bride into her dress and supported her fantastically.

The wedding took place at the romantic Ratměřice Chateau. For us, it was the premiere. The castle is really ideal for weddings, has a beautiful, well-kept park, just a little problem with the interior, but we found a solution.

Regarding the preparations – we began with the wedding design. Adélka had a clear picture of what she wanted regarding the stationery. We, therefore, decided to approach a traditional producer – Bohemia paper. They create and come up with classic designs, they use conventional printing methods and use high-quality paper.

The announcement was designed with a classic, light grey font using letterpress technology and the names were printed with a steel engraving in gold. The envelope was livened up with an insert with a floral motif. The envelopes, name tags and table numbers were hand-written in a calligraphic font. Next, we prepared the seating – who sits where and then the wedding program.

Alongside the print we created a whole design concept – it changed slightly at the last minute – we added an accent color – raspberry. I think it contributed to the entire mood very well.
First, we chose the color and the shape of the bouquet, the flowers for the bridesmaids, mothers and the corsage for the men.

Included in the styling were the dresses for the bridesmaids, which we ordered at the Družičkování company. The owner, Deniska, was very helpful and brought us samples of fabrics and multiple models to test. We tried them out at our office and we thoroughly enjoyed the whole process with the girls.

It wasn’t easy to choose the correct shade, but we managed in the end. I do think that the powder pink we chose suited everyone perfectly. The girls got some beautiful and stylish dressing gowns for the preparations.

We surely can’t forget the groom and his group, which, as is common in England, matched their outfits to the groom and got themselves some suits in a dark blue color.

The ceremony was complemented with a wedding gate, golden Chiavari chairs, a white carpet and stands with floral arrangements. An elegant and timeless decor.

What I found quite interesting was that Colin (an aviation engineer) managed to calculate where the shade would be during the ceremony, even though it didn’t seem it would be so – all of the guests did, in the end, sit in the shade, which was very pleasant.

I must say, as someone with zero technical talent this amazed me! The guests met up an hour before the ceremony, refreshments were prepared for them, music was playing and the atmosphere was very festive. The service itself was very touching. The father brought in the bride and tears trickled. A quarter was playing during the ceremony and the officiant had a very moving speech.

Congratulations were given after the procession, then the procession and photo shoot took place. Refreshments were ready for the guests, including a magician who walked around the guests and showed them some tricks.
Then we moved into the hall, where the banquet took place. We didn’t plan on doing it there, we decided a day before to host the bouquet there because it would be too hot outside for the guests from England. We designed the bouquet in a classic style. The main table and round tables for the guests where we used a combination of tall and short arrangements. We hanged crystal chandeliers on the beams. After the celebratory opening and speeches, service began – a classic Czech wedding menu – and it was accompanied by a pianist.

After the banquet portraits were taken and in the meantime we were on the terrace, where there was more entertainment to come, preparing the seating; we moved the flowers from the hall and arranged a sweet corner. It was quite a rush, we had only half an hour to do all of this, but we managed it successfully in the end.

After the newly-weds came the wedding cake was cut and the first dance ensued – the great band April played for us.
The cake and other sweets from the sweet corner were an absolute hit. They were prepared by the cake studio Punk rock cake. The cake had four layers and each layer had a different texture and taste. We added some finishing touches with flowers. The most successful flavor was the “Red velvet,” which is a legendary recipe from the world-famous New York hotel Waldorf Astoria.

After the guests finished the cake we opened the dance floor with the first dance; fun and happy times were to come. The guests enjoyed themselves late into the night, a piglet was roasted and a buffet was opened in the late hours. Everybody ate, drank, danced and had a great time – exactly what a wedding should be all about.

Adele and Colin, thank you very much for such a great wedding and we wish you the best for your future life together.